Best Green Smoothie Ingredients List

Here is the handy infographic that suggests the Best Green Smoothie Ingredients List for green smoothie beginners.

You would have probably found out about the wonderful benefits of Green Smoothies. If not, then perhaps you’ve been living under a rock.

But the problem any newbie’s face is, how to make green smoothies that actually tastes good. My first week of green smoothies went gross. That’s because I don’t know what to put into those smoothies.

Best Green Smoothie Ingredients List

Green smoothies don’t have to be made only with leafy greens. Though it skyrockets in your health meter, honestly one cannot drink it. The right amount of mixing fruits with vegetables and proper liquid base along with greens will be the trick to get absolute healthy deliciousness.

This handy little infographic from will help you identify the best green smoothie ingredients as a beginner. They are not only healthy but tasty too. Now who doesn’t love to lose weight while eating tasty foods?


Best Green Smoothie Ingredients